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Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm

On September 24, 2022, the Southwest coast of Newfoundland and Labrador experienced the region’s worst natural disaster. But resilience and unity emerged from the chaos and devastation that defied the odds. “Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm” is an unforgettable journey through the heart of a disaster, a testament to the human spirit, and a poignant reflection on the impact of climate change.
Never-before-seen photographs, firsthand accounts, and in-depth reporting reveal the terror and destruction Hurricane Fiona wrought with roaring winds, torrential rains, and the relentless power of nature that left no stone unturned and no life untouched. But amidst the wreckage, a different story began to emerge. The response of government agencies, the selfless dedication of volunteers, and the unwavering strength of communities rally-
ing together showed the world the resilience of the human spirit.

The scars remain one year after the storm, but so does the unyielding determination to rebuild. “Hurricane Fiona: After the Storm” paints a vivid picture of the ongoing efforts to heal and move forward while highlighting the harsh lessons learned from the storm’s devastation and the ongoing impact of climate change on these fragile coastal ecosystems.
This book is a poignant reminder of the power of community, the indomitable spirit of those who faced the worst of times, and the urgent need to confront the realities of our changing climate. It’s a story of resilience, compassion, and hope, beautifully illustrated with photographs that capture the devastation and the triumphs of the human spirit.
Join award-winning Canadian journalist Rosalyn Roy as she takes you on a journey through the heart of the storm and shares the strength and resilience of the people who refuse to be broken.