Although I do not live in Port aux Basques, I get the feeling things are slowly coming together for those who were affected by Hurricane Fiona. I understand some building lots are immediately available in Port aux Basques while others are in the planning stages and will come on streamContinue Reading

Well kudos to the Wreckhouse Weekly (Senior Reporter Rosalyn Roy) for the coverage last week on developments related to Hurricane Fiona. I was thinking of doing some background to this as well, but the folks at the Weekly are closer to the scene. They did a great job of reportingContinue Reading

This is the time of year when stories that uplift the human spirit are welcome, no matter what the time or place. I came upon the following story quite accidentally. Because my father was a Newfoundland Ranger, I am in the process of researching much about their work in NewfoundlandContinue Reading

During my 30+ years as a public servant, I witnessed occasions of social and economic disruption. The closing of a mine in a single-industry town is devastating. Watching fish plant closures and the loss of the economic life blood of a region, such as happened with the cod fish moratorium,Continue Reading

It has been a while since I was in this space. A few things on the personal front became a distraction, not to mention coming down with the COVID-19 virus. Now that’s not fun as many readers well know. Anyway, I have mostly recovered so I am among the armyContinue Reading

The news never ends on the challenges we face with a public health care system that, on too many fronts, appears in crisis. The pandemic only increased the cracks in the system. Overworked health professionals are exhausted and many who are able to are leaving the professions, most notably nurses.Continue Reading

by Larry Peckford The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) web site says its enrollment as of 2020 was 68,000 regular force members and 27,000 reserve force members. Both regulars and reserves were to increase to 71,500 and 30,000 respectively, giving the forces access to over 100,00 members at full strength. ThisContinue Reading

Years ago CBC radio carried a radio program that originated in Great Britain. It was produced by BBC which, like CBC, is the country’s public broadcaster. The program emphasized Newfoundland’s connection with the old country as it was regarded as Britain’s oldest colony. I recall little now about the programContinue Reading

I am late. When you read this Blue Monday will be more than week old. It is scheduled for the third Monday in January. I had not heard of it before, but it kind of makes sense. Reportedly it was the idea of a psychologist who said that January isContinue Reading