Potpourri I’ve been heavily involved with the Lifestyle Expo lately, but I’ve decided to write an Editors piece here this week, because my days aren’t quite busy enough I guess. However, rather than concentrate on one area of concern this time around, I would rather just throw a few tidbitsContinue Reading

I keep imagining that somewhere in the USA a gun lobbyist rolls into work every single morning with a coffee, an unhealthy breakfast and a smartphone in one hand while they scroll Twitter. “Where’s the shooting today,” they probably ask a co-worker as they slide behind their laptop, already preppingContinue Reading

blank bloom blossom business

The reason for this letter is perhaps to garner an answer to a question that has plagued residents of Margaree-Fox Roost, and probably many similar communities in Newfoundland, and that is: why are we considered second-class citizens in our own country? Much has been raised on the subject of sub-standardContinue Reading

Over the last few months, one thing is readily noticeable around town. It’s becoming harder and harder to get something after hours. Most businesses in the area of Port Aux Basques do tend to shutter their doors after 5 pm, (Wreckhouse included), unless they are in the service industry. ButContinue Reading