By Lori Bennett Sports Columnist NHL Noise The Vancouver Canucks had their turn in the sun this week. On Monday, Jan. 24 the team named Émilie Castonguay as their Assistant General Manager. Castonguay became the first female AGM in Canucks history, and is well qualified for the role. She becameContinue Reading

By Lori Bennett Special to Wreckhouse Press NHL Noise The Montreal Canadiens took centre stage in the NHL this week when they named the 18th general manager in franchise history, Kent Hughes. Hughes comes to the position following a 25-year career as a player agent, representing the likes of KrisContinue Reading

drain /drān/cause the water or other liquid in (something) to run out, leaving it empty, dry, or drier.Similar: empty out, remove the contents of, void, unload, evacuatedeprive of strength or vitality. The Montreal Canadiens were on the docket for three games this week. On Tuesday, they lost 3-2 to TampaContinue Reading

NHL Noise The NHL is starting to feel more like another Law and Order spinoff than a hockey season. On Tuesday, Nov. 9, the Anaheim Ducks placed Executive Vice President and General Manager Bob Murray on administrative leave following accusations of improper professional conduct. The Ducks enlisted an external investigatorContinue Reading

unit /ˈyo͞onət/ Any group of things or persons regarded as an entitySimilar: component, part, section, detachment, divisionA part of a military establishment that has a prescribed organization Week 3 had the Montreal Canadiens on their West Coast road trip. On Tuesday, they met the Seattle Kraken. Their Thursday match-up wasContinue Reading

NHL Noise The 2021-22 season got under way last Tuesday, Oct. 12, with the battle of the expansion teams. The Seattle Kraken were in Las Vegas to face the Golden Knights. That wasn’t the only noteworthy milestone. Max Pacioretty opened the scoring at 3:10 of the first period and becameContinue Reading