As we all know, the Southwest coast is no stranger to strong weather. Fun note: max wind speed I’ve seen was 218 km! Sometimes it has had severe effects on the landscape and the people. One such occasion was on the 14th of November 1918, when high winds caused aContinue Reading

Channel-Port aux Basques has been used by Europeans for centuries, and as such, has had many different names. Various landmarks and stations that eventually became towns were marked on and off throughout the centuries, and a few consistently had names, even if they changed over time. The earliest maps ofContinue Reading

Hello! Welcome to my first history column for the Wreckhouse Weekly! My name is Melissa Samms. I attended Bélanger Memorial from 1995-2008. Back then I had no interest in learning about history – I had such a hard time memorizing dates and names! Then I met history students while attendingContinue Reading