“You’re Richer Than You Think.” Scotiabank had to know that someone would pick up on this catchphrase, which is part of its national advertising, especially in light of the announcement of bank closures in Newfoundland. For the eight Scotiabank branches that are closing, many employees won’t likely feel richer onceContinue Reading

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Working together to address climate change Hurricanes battering our shores and communities; wildfires made worse by drought; extreme rainfall events and floods. There is no doubt that climate change is real; Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans regularly experience these and other associated impacts. And people from the west coast of the provinceContinue Reading

After an incredibly difficult Friday, I made a point of getting some fresh air and physical exercise. Saturday was consumed with chores around the farm, not generally a day of leisure nor what one might suspect an executive (of sorts) to do in off-hours.A day on the farm is aContinue Reading

By Lori BennettNational Sports Columnist NHL Noise NHL training camps are up and running and deals are still being made as general managers watch the last dregs of the off-season drifting toward the drain.On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Montreal Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes cleared the crease when he traded goaltenderContinue Reading

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Unveiling the Dystopian Precipice: The Perils of Unbridled AI Takeover Editor’s Note: The following was written by ChatGPT, an open source, free online Artifical Intelligence text prompt. The point is to showcase what the software is both capable and incapable of writing, and to prompt thought about the software andContinue Reading