Sweater, written and illustrated by Newfoundland author Emily Hepditch, is both fun and inspirational. The relationship between a grandparent and their grandchildren is an important one. This book is about such a relationship. It is about the importance of grandparents in your family tree. It inspires you to tell yourContinue Reading

White Picket Monsters. This true story about a young girl growing up in horror, sexual abuse and violence is not for the faint hearted reader, but it is one worth reading for those who can tolerate such terrible truths. Beverly is a survivor, with a lot of inner strength andContinue Reading

The Good Thief This may have been one of the most difficult novels I have had to review, in that the negative aspects far outnumbered the positive ones. We first acknowledge that the grammar and phraseology are impeccable. The story line, although at time arduous and convoluted, can still beContinue Reading