PAB council notes

By Jaymie White
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

PAB Council 2023 – File photo

PORT AUX BASQUES — The most recent council meeting took place on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday evening, Feb. 14. Among the matters discussed was the potential for a new apartment complex.

Council received a letter from the Faculty of Medicine at MUN requesting financial assistance from the Town to help lower the cost of a very costly pet-friendly rental for a resident set to go to Port aux Basques for 4 months.

Council made the decision to go over the possibility of assistance at a later date, noting the importance of recruiting medical staff is paramount, especially given the difficulties in finding accommodations in Port aux Basques. In fact, the town already lost a medical resident who was given permission to do their four months elsewhere as accommodations couldn’t be found.

Mayor Brian Button said this matter will go to the top of the priority list.

Another letter was from a couple who requested permission to place a memorial bench, possibly at Bruce II, to honour their late daughter who passed in 2019, and she had a significant impact on bowling and minor hockey in Port aux Basques.

Council agreed that the Bruce II would be an excellent place for the bench. The motion was passed unanimously, and the matter was then handed over to the recreation department to discuss the most fitting place to install the bench.

Another letter inquired about the possibility of building a 10-unit apartment complex. The lot would need to be hooked up to Town septic system in order to proceed.

Town Manager Leon MacIsaac said that a letter has been sent to the developer seeking additional information and clarification on the proposed complex, and the matter will be held until that information is received.

Civic holiday
The date of the civic holiday, which is normally set for the first Monday in August, was approved to for Monday, Aug. 7.

Tenders awarded
A request for proposal (RFP) was discussed regarding consultant services to identify areas for immediate housing throughout Town.

Town Manager MacIsaac said three companies made submissions and Fundamentals Incorporated had the highest amount of awarding points and lowest bidding price of $63,738.75, and it is recommended they be awarded the tender.

The motion was passed unanimously by council.

Another RFP was received regarding consultant fees for the Grand Bay West subdivision extension. A total of 17 consultants expressed interest and the lowest bid, $162,011.06, came from Aguathuna Drafting – ADC Consulting Ltd. and it was recommended the tender be awarded to them.

This motion was also passed unanimously by council.

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