LETTERS – A devastating impression.

I am originally from Port aux Basques, but I am living here in Mount Pearl. My family and I moved here to the city 20 years ago and I’ve always read the paper (The Gulf News, now Wreckhouse Weekly) to keep up with the news from back home. This time, my father, Jerry Osmond, saved me a copy of this issue and he sent it to me in the mail.
I remember being at work on a Saturday, the day after Fiona’s visit and I was looking at all the pictures posted on Facebook. The devastation and destruction of the homes back home was very upsetting to see. My parents live in Channel and I called them right away, but there was no answer. At that time, I started to worry.

I sent a text to my sisters and they told me that Mom and Dad had to evacuate their home and stay with them in the Grand Bay area. With a sigh of relief, I immediately called my sister and I told her to put Mom on the phone. I needed to hear her voice.

After speaking to my mother and reassuring that everyone was okay, my nerves started to settle but I continued to go about my day with a lump in my throat. I was so far away and there was not much I could do, but hope and pray that everyone was ok.

We grew up in an area where we were always used to the wind and angry sea. My sisters and I would always look out Mom’s living room window and watch for the biggest wave to crash against Channel Head. But this time, Fiona’s plan was fiercer than anyone ever experienced and witnessed in the Southwest coast.

I remember riding ours bikes with our friends when we were younger, in areas now where there are no houses left – a devastating impression that will go down in history and unfortunately stay with the people, my family, of Port aux Basques, always.
My heart goes out to everyone and I hope to visit soon.

Jerrie George
Mount Pearl, NL

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