PAB RCMP respond to increase in thefts

As reports of theft on local social media increase, the RCMP continue to investigate and offer tips for prevention – © File photo


PORT AUX BASQUES – There has been a series of thefts plaguing Port aux Basques this summer.

In one incident a youth’s quad was stolen over one weekend and found intact close by the Marine Atlantic building by the waterfront, with the thief rumoured to have been caught on video.

During graduation celebrations for the St. James High School students, social media posts revolved around a sit-on lawnmower that was stolen for a joy ride by teens. Recently a local man was completing minor work on his lawnmower, stepped away from it for a minute or two, and when he returned the lawnmower had been stolen.

Stealing pieces of equipment like these is no joke, and the Port aux Basques RCMP are taking these thefts seriously.

“I can confirm that the ATV is still being investigated. I can provide an update once the investigation concludes. As of Monday (Aug. 16), there was no report of a stolen lawnmower and no other reports of thefts of any significance,” stated Glenda Power, Director of Strategic Communications for the RCMP.

Power noted that the reasons behind these crimes all depend on who is committing them.

“The motivation behind those who commit thefts can vary. E.g., mischief, to sell for cash, etc,” said Power.

As for what residents can do to keep their property safe from thieves, Power has some advice.

“Incidents of stolen property should be reported to police. Homeowners can protect their properties by using outside lighting, keeping vehicles locked and valuables out of sight. Use of a security system can also deter those who commit theft.”

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