SPCA’s promising new partnership


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STEPHENVILLE – The Southwest Coast SPCA in Stephenville has been the recipient of some more help, this time from the Royale Tissue Company. Royale has implemented a program called Royale’s Home for Every Pet Project and the SPCA animal shelter has been selected to partake in the program and take part in its benefits.

This is the second year the program has been in effect. The project had launched this year on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day which falls on April 30.

The SPCA in Stephenville is just one of over a hundred locations across the country chosen to receive help from the Home for Every Pet Project. Shelters from each province are taking part in this initiative.

One of the program’s goals is to find a forever home for each of the animals living at these shelters. The program will help promote a cat or dog from Stephenville’s shelter by showcasing that animal on Royale’s website in the hope of increasing the chances someone will want to adopt them. Afterwards, a story about the adopted animal will be posted on Royale’s website.

“But basically, each month they ask us to send them a photo of one of our cats in the shelter. They ask that of all the shelters across Canada and whoever they are partnering with. They do regions though, and then they host those cats on their page once a month just to try and promote them even further, get a better reach, and try to get them adopted,” explained Jenna Loder, Shelter Manager and Board member of the Southwest Coast SPCA.

The program will continue to proceed through a number of stages.

Aside from promoting animals from the shelter, it will also offer the SPCA shelter help through means of donations.

“So there are phases to the project, where when our shelter does each phase then they donate either monetary donations or actual items as in their products, paper towels, stuff like that,” explained Loder.

The partnership with Royale is currently still on-going and other phases of the project remain.

“We started at the beginning of this month and now we’re in phase two and that goes on until about October, and again each level is to where we can get our donations from that. Right now we’re about halfway through that second phase,” said Loder.

Stephenville’s SPCA animal shelter will put their donations to use in a manner that will further the animal shelter in positive ways.

“The money for us would go towards vet bills, supplies for the shelter, basically anything for the rescue animals. The biggest thing for us is vet bills. We do a bunch of fundraising, and anything we can to get money towards that, that’s our biggest payment at the end of the day. But we’re always, always looking for food and donations from the public and that’s what we thrive off of; community support and just overall donations,” stated Loder.

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