Burgeo council moves into new offices

The post office will continue to rent the ground floor space, while the council offices have been relocated to the top floor of the new building. – © Steven Hiscock

by Rosalyn Roy
Staff Reporter

BURGEO – The town’s office and council chambers have almost completed their move into the former Federal building.

“The town acquired the building from the Feds for $12,000. Which was a steal,” laughed Counc. Steven Hiscock. “The Town of Burgeo was actually looking for a new location for the town council and the Federal government decided to sell this building.”

That’s much lower than the $20,000 the Federal government was still asking for it back in August.

The previous town building needed expensive repairs, which prompted the move.

“The floor in the main chambers was getting really bad I believe,” said Hiscock. “It would’ve cost more to fix that building then to buy the other.”

The move may also turn out to be a solid long-term investment. The town will continue to lease out space to various business tenants, which will not only cover the purchase but even turn a profit.

The post office rents half the ground floor space, and Service Canada is also renting a part of the main floor. Meanwhile the Community Youth Network is renting space in the upper floor of the building.

“The post office pays, I believe, close to 40 grand a year in rent,” offered Hiscock.

Council chambers have been relocated to the top floor of the building, while the town manager and town clerk have offices on the ground floor. Hiscock says it’s not yet clear what the town will do with the old building.

“That’s something I’ve got to ask next meeting,” said Hiscock.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 7:30 p.m.

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