Pumphouse power problems

Snapped power poles caused pumphouse problems in Margaree-Fox Roost. – © Rosalyn Roy / Wreckhouse Press Inc.

MARGAREE-FOX ROOST – The stormy weather wreaked a little bit of havoc in Margaree over the Thanksgiving weekend.

During the Saturday night Oct. 10 storm, winds peaked well over 100 kilometres per hour and caused a loss of power to the pumphouse that supplies water to the residents of Margaree-Fox Roost.

Two electrical poles were snapped off by the turbulent weather, knocking out power to the pumphouse entirely.

Dwayne Vautier, Chair of the Local Service District, stated via telephone interview that they didn’t even know there was a problem until the reservoir had been fully depleted.

“It was late Saturday night before we realized it, once we were out of water, and we went up and turned on the diesel motor pump. So it wasn’t very long that people were out of water,” said Vautier.

He estimates contractor crews were busy repairing and replacing the poles from Sunday morning into that evening, and full service has now been restored.

According to Vautier, Margaree-Fox Roost has been slated for pole replacement for the last three years but, “They haven’t gotten to it yet. Two years ago we had a pole break and catch fire, but the rest are all really old.”

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